Yoga education at primary school

supporting physical & mental wellbeing from ages 3 to 11

As well as teaching in schools,

I also run some public lessons in gyms, local parks and at festivals.

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Lessons  in Kent

Monday 4-5pm

Children's Yoga

(ages 4-12years)

@YMCA Melrose Close, Maidstone

£5 for members £6 for non members

term time only

I also teach Adults Yoga

which would be great for teachers/staff after school

FreeStyle Fitness Yoga

(all abilities*)

*Not suitable for pregnant women

Every lesson will have a clear structure and plan


  • Clear plans and development across the term
  • A visual timetable for every lesson
  • Consistent approach for continued development
  • Inclusive for every child and their needs
  • Children will learn to challenge themselves and achieve their goals
  • Children will be encouraged to be proactive and develop leadership skills


Lessons are individual to each age group and each school or setting. Every lesson starts with high expectations of focus and behaviour as well as listening and attention.


  1. Welcome and introduction of timetable
  2. Learn and develop postures and sequences
  3. Apply knowledge and skills with an interacitve task or game
  4. Calm down activity
  5. Relaxation session
  6. Plenary to embed learning.
  7. Calm exit to return to lessons. 

Example of a possible timetable 

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